Primus Announce First-Ever 7-inch Singles for Third Man Records Box Set

It's the 53rd instalment of the label's Vault subscription package

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jul 11, 2022

Third Man's quarterly Vault subscription package typically lifts the lid on exclusive Jack White rarities, while occasional instalments highlight other artists. Next up is Primus, who will be releasing a box set of 7-inch singles through the label.

The 53rd Vault package is titled Primus: The Revenant Juke — A Collection of Fables and Farce. It makes up for the fact that Primus have never released a 7-inch single by packaging six of them together. There isn't any new material here, with each of the 7-inches highlighting a different one of the band's '90s albums. Yes, "Wynona's Big Brown Beaver" is in there.

All of the 7-inches come on coloured vinyl, respectively described in a press release as "ducky yellow, bitter lime, fermented orange, soft purple, bruised peach and generic turquoise." They're housed in a telescoping box with artwork by longtime Primus associate Adam Gates.

The deadline to sign up for the Third Man Vault and receive this set is July 31. It's available at

Primus: The Revenant Juke — A Collection of Fables and Farce:

Disc 1 (soft purple vinyl):

A. "John The Fisherman"
B. "Too Many Puppies"

Disc 2 (bitter lime vinyl):

A. "Jerry Was a Race Car Driver"
B. "Tommy the Cat"

Disc 3 (fermented orange vinyl): 

A. "My Name Is Mud"
B. Mr. Krinkle"

Disc 4 (bruised peach vinyl)

A. "Wynona's Big Brown Beaver"
B. "Southbound Pachyderm"

Disc 5 (ducky yellow vinyl): 

A. "Shake Hands with Beef"
B. "Over the Falls"

Disc 6 (generic turquoise vinyl):

A. "The Antipop"
B. "Coattails of a Dead Man"

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