Pregnancy Scares 'Mind Control' (EP stream)

Pregnancy Scares 'Mind Control' (EP stream)
When they're not busy with their other projects (the Steve Adamyk Band, Crusades, the Ottawa Explosion festival, Bruised Tongue Records, etc.), four dudes in Ottawa make harsh, noisy hardcore under the name Pregnancy Scares. Next month, they'll release their new Mind Control 7-inch via Deranged. Rather than wait, you can stream the whole thing here now.

The EP blasts through four songs in six minutes, and shows that the band are capable of evolving their sound without sacrificing any of the raw aggression that they're known for. "Master Race" will induce a circle pit, while "The Bait" plods along angrily. "Graveyard" is a feedback drenched hardcore song with a killer breakdown, while "Lobotomy" closes the record out with some white noise.

Check out Mind Control below. The record will arrive on June 17 via Deranged and can be pre-ordered here.

The group also have a UK tour in the works with Detergents. While the shows are still awaiting venues, the itinerary is available below.

Tour dates:

09/11 Manchester, UK
09/12 Glasgow, UK
09/13 Leeds, UK
09/14 London, UK
09/15 Sheffield, UK