Pow Wows "I Can See But You Don't Know" (NSFW video)

Pow Wows 'I Can See But You Don't Know' (NSFW video)
Toronto rock'n'roll outfit Pow Wows have unveiled pretty much everything in their new video for "I Can See But You Don't Know," and Exclaim.ca has got your first look at the new clip — just don't watch it at work if your boss isn't cool with troves of naked hippies.

The psychedelic clip is a throwback to the clothes-free, free-lovin' era of the '70s and features swirling geometric patterns over a non-stop barrage of nude dancers. The video might not be safe for the workplace, but the song is a wholesome, good old-fashioned garage rocker.

The tune will appear on the band's upcoming record Broken Curses, which is due out January 13 via Get Hip Recordings. For now though, take a trip back in time by watching the video premiere of "I Can See But You Don't Know" below, where you'll also find a few upcoming tour dates.

Tour dates:

11/15, Ottawa ON - Surf N' Turf Festival at House Of Targ
12/12 Toronto ON - Junction City Music Hall
12/20 Pittsburgh PA - Get Hip/Get Art HQ

Pow Wows - I Can See But You Don't Know ['Broken Curses' album teaser] from BurntBacharach on Vimeo.