Phèdre "Ancient Nouveau"

Phèdre 'Ancient Nouveau'
Hooded Fang offshoot Phèdre have let loose another artsy preview of their sophomore set Golden Age, this time with an airy dance number called "Ancient Nouveau."

Considering the track's four-on-the-floor bass-drum pound and jumpy, oompah-pah '80s synth-bass, "Ancient Nouveau" comes across like the misty offspring of CanCon vets Luba's "Let It Go" and Men Without Hats' "Safety Dance." Daniel Lee and April Aliermo's echo-laden, trade-off vocals, meanwhile, are a bit buried in the mix, but the outro appears to be detailing a high-fantasy demon slaying.

You can hear "Ancient Nouveau" for yourself down below.

As previously reported, Golden Age arrives October 1 via DAPS/Discos Tormento.