Pharrell, Big Sean, Future to Guest on New Miley Cyrus Album

Pharrell, Big Sean, Future to Guest on New Miley Cyrus Album
Miley Cyrus's current Mike WiLL Made It-produced "We Can't Stop" single has been instrumental in redefining the twerk-lovin' pop star's career, and now the singer has revealed her impending BANGERZ LP will also feature collaborations with rap world figures like Big Sean, Future and Pharrell Williams.

"I have a lot of features on my record," Miley told MTV. "Big Sean and Ludacris and, of course, [Pharrell Williams] has done a bunch of my records, so I'm really excited about that."

Though concrete details on the LP have yet to be delivered, from tracklisting info to the album's due date, Cyrus also reported that the set had her working with AutoTune rap crooner Future on a number of songs.

"I get to work with Future, who's like my favorite kind of new artist right now, even though he's not that new now," she explained. "All his music is everywhere. But he's just someone that I really, I love working with. I love writing with him. Him and I wrote a bunch of songs on this record together, and he's featured on one of them."

A new interview with Mike WiLL Made It adds that BANGERZ will feature eight tracks he produced. Cyrus is also set to spit alongside Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa on Mike WiLL's upcoming "23" single, which is expected to land August 26.

"Me and Miley just clicked," Mike WiLL Made It told Billboard of their fruitful relationship. "She has good ideas. She's real creative. Her whole thing is she's getting older so her sound is evolving, but she doesn't want to reach too far. 'We Can't Stop' has so many different vibes to it. She sounds country; the beat has these live, knocking drums; and then it has these pop melodies. It's a feel-good record."

As previously reported, Cyrus recently starred in the video for Big Sean's "Fire" video, so the Detroit rhymer may be paying her back in kind for that appearance.