Petitioners Want to Change the Plural of "Vinyl" to "Vinyls"

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Mar 15, 2016

The grammatical debate between whether or not the plural reference to LPs is "vinyl" or "vinyls" has been hot-button issue amongst collectors of the format in recent years, but a group of valiant petitioners are looking to settle the matter once and for all.

A petition has been started to change the plural form to "vinyls" by tacking that 's' on the end, sending shivers down the spine of every grammatically correct record nerd out there.

"There is a small but vocal cabal among the vinyl enthusiast community who seek to control the language of our hobby via bullying and ridiculing those who use the term 'vinyls' to describe 2 or more units of vinyl recorded media," the petition reads. "In an effort to promote inclusiveness, we would like to have the term 'vinyls' enshrined as the official plural term for vinyl recorded media.

"This will also serve the essential purpose of annoying people who would rather ridicule a complete stranger than say something encouraging to a fellow 'vinyls' collector, especially those who may be just getting started in the hobby."

One supporter "signed to help minimize douchiness in our hobby," while another signed because the term is "fresh and new." If you're looking to make the hobby a little more inclusive to everyone, read through the petition and leave your signature here.

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