Peter Gabriel "Courage"

Peter Gabriel 'Courage'
Last year, Peter Gabriel's So was treated to a deluxe box set that unearthed the previously unreleased, unfinished "Courage." While it was no doubt a treat for fans, Gabriel is doing them another solid by offering a now completed "Courage," which went up for download today (November 5).

The tweaked-up tune now features recently recorded overdubs from Gabriel and guitarist David Rhodes in addition to the busy backbeat and '80s-appropriate synth sounds. The track was mixed by Tchad Blake, and you can hear a nervous-sounding Gabriel "grab the bull by the horns" via the YouTube player down below.

"When So drew to a close I didn't feel the song was delivering in the way I had hoped, so decided not to include it," Gabriel said in a statement. "When we were reviewing all the material from that time, we wanted to take a fresh look at it and get it finished. I always liked the track and very much enjoyed the playing on it, especially the energy of the drums."

The new radio edit of "Courage" is available now on iTunes and Gabriel's own website, and comes packaged with a remix from Hexidecimal.