Peel Home Still A Target For Aspiring Bands

According to British tabloid The Mirror, the home of John Peel, the late BBC DJ and founder of the Peel Sessions is still receiving demos from new, up and coming bands on a regular basis. Two and a half years after Peel died from a heart attack in Peru, his widow Sheila Ravenscroft has reported that aspiring musicians are still looking to have their music added to the influential broadcaster’s extensive record collection. It’s no wonder considering it includes more than 26,000 LPs, 40,000 singles and 40,000 CDs, making it one of Britain’s largest and most diverse collections. Ravenscroft and the couple’s children have yet to decide what to do with the music, which sits in the Peels’ family home in Great Finborough near Stowmarket, Suffolk. Mrs. Ravenscroft said, "People send in their records and ask for them to be part of his collection. It feels a bit strange but it’s nice to get them.”