Paupière 'Jeunes Instants' (EP stream)

Paupière 'Jeunes Instants' (EP stream)
Eclectic electro-popsters Paupière are set to unveil their debut EP Jeunes Instants later this week, but Exclaim! is giving you a chance to hear it right now.
The four-song set hears the Montreal three-piece bouncing between dark, brooding synth beats and sparkly vocal melodies, creating a swirl of dynamic, dancefloor-friendly cuts that take '80s-esque sounds and make them over for a modern audience.
Twinkling synths, pulsating rhythms and saccharine croons blend together to make a collection of songs that run the gamut from sugary sweet ("Jeunes Instants") to seductively sultry ("Cinq Heures") to suspensefully cinematic ("Elle et Lui," "Quinte").
Hear it all come together in an electrifying new collection by giving Jeunes Instants a listen in the player below. The EP is officially out on January 29 through Lisbon Lux Records, and you can pre-oder it here.
Embed for Jeunes Instants EP