Paul McCartney Preps New Fireman Record

Paul McCartney Preps New Fireman Record
Once again, Sir Paul McCartney is going electronic. The former Beatle has announced that he will be taking on his electro-oriented alter-ego, the Fireman, to release Electronic Arguments on November 17 — an album that will give fans, in the words of Sir Paul, "ambient dreams in rainbow arches.”

The release will mark the songwriter’s third under the Fireman moniker and follows 1993’s Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest and its 1998 follow-up Rushes. Like records one and two, three finds McCartney working alongside occasional Orb-collaborator/producer Youth, and according to a statement, will "both surprise and delight the listener.”

Marking a first for a Fireman release, though, the 13-track Electronic Arguments will this time be handled by an indie, the UK-based One Little Indian, rather than a major.

And just in case you were still wondering, McCartney did make it out of Israel safe and sound, despite threats from Islamic extremists. However, nearly $3 million had to be spent on an "army” of security guards to ensure the 66-year-old’s safety.

Here is the tracklisting for the Fireman’s Electronic Arguments:

1. "Nothing Too Much Just out of Sight”
2. "Two Magpies”
3. "Sing the Changes”
4. "Travelling Light”
5. "Highway”
6. "Light from Your Lighthouse”
7. "Sun Is Shining”
8. "Dance 'Til We're High”
9. "Lifelong Passion”
10. "Is This Love?”
11. "Lovers in a Dream”
12. "Universal Here, Eve”

The Fireman "Lifelong Passion (Sail Away)”