Past Lives Spin a Tapestry of Webs with Debut Full-Length

Past Lives Spin a <i>Tapestry of Webs</i> with Debut Full-Length
About this time last year, post-Blood Brothers project Past Lives released their debut EP, Strange Symmetry. The release separated Jordan Blilie, Mark Gajadhar, Morgan Henderson and Devin Welch from their sassy post-hardcore past, pushing them further into art rock territory. Now, the band will build on that with their debut full-length album.

Titled Tapestry of Webs, the album's 12 songs see the quartet expand their sound even further. As the press release says, Webs "is an album that crawls from the primordial ooze of anti-parent culture sound to stand on newly formed legs, moving forward with carefully considered steps. Here, sibling harmonies are offered to The Wickerman death-dub, tom-toms locked in hypnotic BPM. Guitars alternate between glistening pop tones, ethereal bliss-out and raw rhythmic ruin. Throughout, each song delves deep into the blank gaze, the experience of everyday living as viewed through the tired eyes of uncertainty and doubt. It's all kinda 'vibey.'"

Whatever the hell any of that means is hard to tell, but don't worry about that. The band do have a track from the album, "Hex Takes Hold," streaming on their MySpace page, so you can hear for yourself.

Tapestry of Webs is due out via Suicide Squeeze on February 23.

Tapestry of Webs:

1. "Paralyzer"
2. "Falling Spikes"
3. "Past Lives"
4. "Don't Let the Ashes Fill Your Eyes"
5. "Deep in the Valley"
6. "K Hole"
7. "Hex Takes Hold"
8. "Vanishing Twin"
9. "Hospital White"
10. "At Rest"
11. "Aerosol Bouquet"
12. "There is a Light So Bright it Blinds"