Passion Pit Announce 'Kindred' Album

Passion Pit Announce 'Kindred' Album
We already knew that Passion Pit had a new LP in the works, and now we've got some concrete information about the impending album, which is called Kindred and will be out in April through Columbia.

The Michael Angelakos-spearheaded project made the announcement with a short, enigmatic trailer video titled "That flickering light's just a flame." It includes a short clip of a couple of kids at the beach at sunset, which is soundtracked by a snippet of celestial synth tones.

Watch that below.

The timing of this announcement doesn't come as a surprise; earlier this week, the outfit shared a couple of cryptic images with morse code on their social media accounts. If you run the code "-.- .. -. -.. .-. . -.." (which Passion Pit tweeted on Monday) through a morse code translator, it spells out "kindred."

The band's website now directs to