Parts & Labor Share the Goods on New Album

Parts & Labor Share the Goods on New Album
Insane Brooklyn weird punks Parts & Labor seem to have an appropriate name, as the band have released album after quality album on an almost yearly basis for some time now. Come this October, the progress will continue as the band release Receivers, their fourth full-length.

If the sounds of "Nowheres Nigh” (heard here) is any indicator, the record promises the same electronic-tinged noise punk as the band’s previous efforts, but rounded out by stronger pop melodies and fleshed out ideas. Part of this is due to the addition of new members. While maintaining the core group of electronics dude and vocalist Dan Friel, alongside bassist BJ Warshaw, the band enlisted the talent of drummer Joe Wong and guitarist Sarah Lipstate.

Another peculiarity about Receivers comes from its recording process. "In April, Parts & Labor had an open call on their website, looking for audio samples and field recordings submitted by friends and fans. The band posed a selection of questions to spur inspiration: "What do your parents sound like?" "What are you afraid of?" They received hundreds of sounds in return — all manner of bleeps, conversations and crashes. In a gesture of inclusion, every sound received is used in some degree on the album, either within the chattering satellites whirring by in the aptly titled "Satellites" or during the final cacophony of noise that swallows the band during Receivers' final moments. The band's favorite sounds, however, were given special prominence as source material for the ambient interludes and collages that bridge the eight songs. It's a unique project that comments on information overload while also championing the democratic nature of working in an increasingly digital music business.”

Receivers is due October 21 on Jagjaguwar.


1. Satellites
2. Nowheres Nigh
3. Mount Misery
4. Little Ones
5. The Ceasing Now
6. Wedding In A Wasteland
7. Prefix Free
8. Solemn Show World