Parlovr Announce 'Kook Soul'

Parlovr Announce 'Kook Soul'
Montreal indie trio Parlovr built buzz in 2010 with their Hell / Heaven / Big / Love EP, and the group will move on to bigger things this spring when they issue a full-length titled Kook Soul.

Dine Alone will drop the disc on May 15. Recorded in the winter of 2011 with Martin Horn at Digital Bird Studios, the new LP is said to showcase the group's soul leanings and "retro surf."

While sonically, the group said in a statement that they've taken influence from the Flaming Lips' The Soft Bulletin and "'50s stuff," the lyrical content was inspired by affairs of the heart.

"The whole record is about remembering, and pining over relationships and all the different shapes they take throughout one's life," keyboardist/vocalist Alex Cooper explained in a statement.  "Heartbreak, infatuation, teenage love, old-age regret, faded feelings."

You can stream first single "You Only Want It 'Cause You're Lonely" below via Noisey.

Kook Soul:

1. Do You Remember

2. Just Marriage

3. Holding on to Something

4. Now That You're Gone

5. Married On A Sunday

6. You Only Want It Cause You're Lonely

7. 4000

8. Fisticuffs & Affidavits

9. Amaze-Me-Jane

10. General Hell (True Love Fades)

11. Bad Faith

12. It Only Happens To The Ones In Love