Parenthetical Girls "Sympathy for Spastics" (Los Campesinos remix)

Parenthetical Girls 'Sympathy for Spastics' (Los Campesinos remix)
Portland pop eccentrics Parenthetical Girls are ready to release the choicest cuts from their Privelege 12-inches on an abridged collection of the same name. UK popsmiths Los Campesinos' new remix of the group's "Sympathy for Spastics" doesn't figure on the tweaked set, mind you, but it should stoke fans for the release nonetheless.

While the original employed not much more than a piano and vocalist Zac Pennington's quirky croon, the remix bumps in a slow-rolling snap beat and some fuzzy synth-bass tones into the proceedings. You can sample the alternate version down below.

As previously reported, Privilege drops in CD/DVD and LP/DVD packages February 19 via Slender Means Society/Marriage, with the DVD showcasing promo videos and live performances.