The Paperbacks Announce Sprawling Double Album

The Paperbacks Announce Sprawling Double Album
Last year, we reported that Winnipeg, MB power pop dudes the Paperbacks were planning a double LP. While letting time pass often gives artists the ability to pare their work, over a year has passed, and the band's upcoming album is still a double-disc effort, one that boasts 32 tracks.

The album is called Lit From Within, and was recorded by bassist Jaret McNabb in his home studio. If the tracks "Slow Learners" and "Make Art," which are currently streaming on the band's MySpace page, are any indication, this might be one of those rare double albums that's more killer than filler.

Lit From Within will be released on January 12 via Parliament of Trees and features the cover above.

Lit From Within:

Disc 1:

1. "Good Lives (For Bad Reasons)"

2. "Stars (For Claire Massey)"

3. "The Asheville Period (In

4. "Slow Learners"

5. "Triggering"

6. "Communicated Through Blood"

7. "Regrettable Tattoos"

8. "Do You Sleep?"

9. "Perpetual Autumn"

10. "Caroline"

11. "Illness as Metaphor"

12. "Crude Instruments"

13. "A Year On Trial"

14. "You Are a Reservoir"

15. "The Coast Starlight"

Disc 2:

1. "The Arc of a Light"

2. "A Dizzy Chain of Bees"

3. "Casually Swearing at the Vacant

4. "Math Dammage/Maggot Age"

5. "Umbrella Skeletons"

6. "Day Planners"

7. "Make Art"

8. "Patron Saint of Atheists"

9. "No Fatalities"

10. "Lit From Within"

11. "A Hawthorne Sublet"

12. "The Empire Builder"

13. "Continental Drift"

14. "Rolling Blackouts"

15. "It Will Take Courage, My Love"

16. "An Asterisk Beside My Name."

17. "Thieves Guild"