The Ornamentals "Goth Christmas" (video)

The Ornamentals 'Goth Christmas' (video)
Planning on ringing in the holiday with a gloomy tune? Well, Toronto's the Ornamentals (a.k.a. Drugs in Japan's Aaron Bickle) has delivered a tongue-in-cheek Christmas carol for the black-on-black set which he calls "Goth Christmas."

Put together with vintage synth patches and jingled bells, the track does its best to marry the spirit of the season with those conjured out of a Ouija board. Sad-faced cookies are laid out for Old Saint Nick, fishnets are hung from the tree, and a desire to sled down a hill of black ash is revealed.

It's more goofy than goth, but you can see the dark-spirited holiday ditty down below.