Orange Juice Coals to Newcastle Expanded Sampler

Orange Juice <i>Coals to Newcastle</i> Expanded Sampler
Here at Exclaim!, we're thrilled about the massive new Orange Juice box set, Coals to Newcastle, which drops today (November 9) via Domino. For a taste, head over to the label's website to listen to an 18-track sampler of the collection.

This expands on the previous five-song sampler with a number of singles and album tracks, plus three songs from a Peel session. The tracklist for this latest sampler is below.

18-track sampler:

1. "Rip It Up" (LP version)

2. "Blue Boy"

3. "Three Cheers for Our Side" (Peel session version)

4. "What Presence?!"

5. "Bridge"

6. "Felicity" (LP version)

7. "Breakfast Time" (Rip It Up Version)

8. "The Day I Went Down to Texas"
9. "Lovesick" ("Postcard" version)

10. "Scaremonger"

11. "Consolation Prize" (LP version)

12. "Holiday Hymn" (Peel session version)

13. "Flesh of My Flesh" (single version)

14. "Poor Old Soul" (Part One)

15. "A Sad Lament"

16. "I Guess I'm Just a Little Too Sensitive"

17. "Blokes on 45" (Peel session version)

18. "In a Nutshell" (LP version)