Old and Weird 'What I Saw' (album stream)

Old and Weird 'What I Saw' (album stream)
Post-punk-leaning Halifax indie pop trio Old and Weird have been honing their sound for years, and today its come to fruition in the form of their new album, What I Saw.

The album features 10 brand new tracks from the group. In a cover story with The Coast, they debated whether or not it counts as their first proper full-length.

"Didn't we call Life's Tough Not Really a full-length?" the band's Danika Vandersteen asked. "With everything we release we're like 'our full-length!' and then it's actually eight minutes a side."

"This feels like our real first full-length," Allison Higgins replied. "We put more time and energy into it, and we had more control over it too."

Regardless of how you look at it, What I Saw is an impressive new release. The album is packed with jangly guitars, off-kilter rhythms and plenty of vocal harmonies. The songs are at once simple and complex.

Listen to What I Saw in full below, or buy it over at the band's Bandcamp page.