Odd Years "The Way That You Were"

Odd Years 'The Way That You Were'
Guelph, ON-based outfit Odd Years are set to deliver their sophomore album Slow Clap next month, but first, they're hoping to get a round of applause for their latest single "The Way That You Were."
The track hears the lifelong pals (and members of Cuff the Duke, Minotaurs and Lowlands) combining their chemistry and musical talents into an upbeat, bouncy power-pop gem that's slick and modern, yet comfortably familiar.

"The song is a juxtaposition of my adult self reflecting on my childhood, a simpler time when I had less responsibility and could take the day as it came," the band's AJ Johnson tells Exclaim! "I often feel that my plate fills up and this song reminds me to slow down (at the same time the energy of the song pumps me up)."
Hear "The Way That You Were" for the first time down below. Slow Clap is due out on April 14 through Missed Connection Records, and Odd Years will mark the release with a show at eBar in Guelph on April 28.