Numero Group Reissues Obscure Disco-Funk Unit Universal Togetherness Band

Numero Group Reissues Obscure Disco-Funk Unit Universal Togetherness Band
The Numero Group archivists have done it again and unearthed a series of interesting though rarely heard disco and jazz-fusion tracks, this time from obscure Chicago project the Universal Togetherness Band. A self-titled set chronicling just some of the group's work shuffles out to stores January 20.

A press release explains that the members of the Universal Togetherness Band experienced a surge of creativity between 1979 and 1982, having "tracked unearthly portions of their sprawling songbook for bewildered students in Columbia College's audio engineering programs." The Chicago unit's work spread across five semesters, with eight tracks from the archives being pressed onto the new LP. The set is said to showcase "eccentric disco, modern soul, dance-punk, and upbeat oddities."

In addition to the music, the album arrives packaged in a gatefold sleeve featuring never-before-seen images supplied by Chicago photographer Steven E. Gross, while the CD edition adds candid snaps "from the group's personal collections."

Down below, you'll find a music video for the troupe's "More Than Enough," directed by Universal Togetherness Band frontman Andre Gibson's wife Cynthia. The track isn't on the upcoming LP, but is available now via Numero as a two-song single backed with "Saturday Night."

Another track from UTB called "Pull Up" will be available on Numero's forthcoming Ultra-High Frequencies: The Chicago Party compilation, which has yet to yield a due date.

Universal Together Band:

1. Ain't Gonna Cry
2. Real Thrill
3. Try Try Try
4. My Sentiment
5. Once In A Lifetime
6. Taken By Love
7. Call For Love
8. I Want You