Numero Group Announce Second Unwound Box Set

Numero Group Announce Second Unwound Box Set
Prolific Pacific Northwest noise-rock act Unwound are in the midst of a reissue campaign courtesy of Numero Group. In September, they kicked it off with the Kid Is Gone box set, and now they've announced plans for another.

The next Unwound box set is called Rat Conspiracy, which was a working title for their 1993 LP Fake Train. That album is on here, along with 1994's New Plastic Ideas. Rounding it out are unreleased radio sessions, rarities, B-sides and a cover of "Plight" by the Minutemen.

The box, which will arrive in March of 2014, also includes archival photos and a 10,000-word essay from David Wilcox.

Check out the tracklisting for the Rat Conspiracy box set below.

Rat Conspiracy:

Fake Train:

1. Dragnalus

2. Lucky Acid

3. Nervous Energy

4. Valentine Card

5. Kantina

6. Were, Are And Was Or Is

7. Honourosis

8. Pure Pain Sugar

9. Gravity Slips

10. Star Spangled Hell

11. Ratbite

12. Feeling$ Real

New Plastic Ideas:

1. Entirely Different

2. What Was Wound

3. Envelope

4. Hexenszene

5. Abstraktions

6. All Soul's Day

7. Usual Dosage

8. Arboretum

9. Fiction Friction

Rat Conspiracy:

1. Broken E-Strings

2. Totality

3. Mkultra

4. Eternalux

5. Unsympathetica

6. Negated

7. Said Serial

8. Census

9. Plight [Minutemen cover]

10. Untitled 1

11. Untitled 2