Nothing "B&E" on Exclaim! TV

Nothing 'B&E' on Exclaim! TV
On debut album Guilty of Everything, Philadelphia's Nothing merged their roots in punk and hardcore with the darker, dreamier side of shoegaze, offering a surprisingly heavy yet comforting listening experience. The band are currently on tour in support of that LP, and Exclaim! TV caught up with them before their show in Toronto at Lee's Palace. During their sound check, the band performed their track "B&E." 

From the start, a tidal wave of guitar fuzz and atmospheric noise grip you. As the track progresses, the towering drum sound competes with the droning guitar and bass, making for a performance that's somehow both ponderous and thunderous.

Watch the performance in the player below, and check out the band's upcoming tour dates here

Filmed by Roberto Granados-Ocon and Branan Ranjanathan
Audio by Nash Bussieres
Edited by Riley Hunt

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