North Atlantic Drift "Dream Sequence" (video)

North Atlantic Drift 'Dream Sequence' (video)
North Atlantic Drift recently graced the brunch-time stage at Toronto's Wavelength Festival, and now the drone duo have unveiled a brand new video.
It's "Dream Sequence" off their upcoming album Departures Vol. 1 that's been given the visual treatment, and director Kiarash Sadigh helmed the project. The clip depicts a blindfolded string quartet playing in a forest as a bright light approaches — aiming to highlight the juxtaposition between the musicians' aggressive playing style and the slow, meticulous unfolding of the piece's ambience.
"Once they sense the light they begin questioning their own actions," Sadigh explains. "They stop and remove the blindfold looking directly at the source of light.... what that light is and what it represents is for the viewer to find out, but the takeaway is to be open minded for breaking habits and traditions if and when a brighter truth presents itself."
Departures Vol. 1 is due out March 17, and available for pre-order on Bandcamp. Let the anticipation build by watching the video for "Dream Sequence" below.