Noah Pred Talks the "More Intense and Emotionally Resonant" Material of 'Third Culture'

Noah Pred Talks the 'More Intense and Emotionally Resonant' Material of 'Third Culture'
Earlier this month, Noah Pred released his latest LP, the Exclaim!-approved Third Culture. After a four-year break, which saw the U.S.-born/Canadian-raised electronic producer build his own label (the burgeoning Thoughtless Music) and mourn the death of his father, Pred moved to Berlin where he would record his third full-length.

Speaking with Exclaim!, Pred describes the album's digitally tempered sound and expressive outlook, explaining, "I've gone through some really intense stuff in the year prior to [the recording of Third Culture], with the move here [Berlin] and with losing my father, which was really sudden and unexpected, so I was working on arguably more intense and emotionally resonant material."

Pred credits his friends for helping him find the resources to get back to recording.

"Some people were really encouraging me to make an album, but I wasn't convinced it was time," he says. "I also had a few trusted people, friends here in Berlin, that I was able to bounce the tracks off of and get their opinion on things... and some other friends back in Toronto and Australia were also part of that process as well."

The resulting 13-track album was named Third Culture, a reference to a 1995 John Brockman book, The Third Culture: Beyond the Scientific Revolution, as well as an allusion to his own experiences moving from California to British Columbia as a child.

Speaking of the book's influence, Pred says, "It's a collection of essays and articles... about the future of human culture based on a synthesis of science and art. I find it really interesting that electronic music is an art form that couldn't exist without science."

Third Culture is available now though Thoughtless Music. You can watch the video for the lead-off single, "Circles & Circles" (featuring Rosina from Toronto band LAL on vocals) below.