No Doubt Sue Activision over Band Hero Avatars

No Doubt Sue Activision over <i>Band Hero</i> Avatars
Maybe Courtney Love wasn't as crazy as we initially thought when she alleged that Activision had gone outside of her contract with Kurt Cobain's avatar in Guitar Hero 5. After all, the admittedly less insane members of No Doubt have come up with a similar complaint with the company regarding its forthcoming Band Hero game.

In a statement released to press, the band said they were shocked when they found out that their characters could be used to sing other people's songs. "Without the band's knowledge or approval, Activision turned the group into virtual karaoke players by having them perform over 60 additional songs by other musical groups," the statement reads. "Additionally, Activision allowed the group's character to be isolated into solo performances of these cover songs and placed randomly in countless variations contrary to the agreement between the parties."

Apparently, the band approached the company to change this option in the game, but it refused, saying it would be too costly.

As a result, No Doubt have officially filed a lawsuit against Activision seeking an injunction and damages.