Nile Rodgers "Do What You Wanna Do"

Nile Rodgers 'Do What You Wanna Do'
Chic member and funk legend Nile Rodgers has experienced a massive resurgence in popularity, thanks in no small part to his work on Daft Punk's Random Access Memories LP. That was followed by work with Disclosure and Avicii, among others, but he's since proven that he doesn't need someone else to shine on a song.

Rodgers has just released "Do What You Wanna Do," a brand new solo track. The three-minute song is a timeless disco number complete with jangly funk guitars. Rodgers recorded the song during last summer's Internal Music Summit in Ibiza.

He since auctioned the song off to raise funds for his We Are Family charity, with Cr2 Records acquiring the rights.

"I've been a big fan of Chic and Nile since a very young age, and it was just a cool project to be involved with," Cr2 owner Mark Brown told Rolling Stone. "Initially when we signed the record, there weren't any verses in the track — it was just kind of Nile's hook — so we worked with him to develop some extra verses and make it into a complete song."

Cr2 will officially release "Do What You Wanna Do" next month for their 10th anniversary. In the meantime, you can stream it below complete with a bright lyric video.