Toronto's Nightwell Eat a "Bittersweet" Breakfast in New Video

It's the new single from their self-titled album
Toronto's Nightwell Eat a 'Bittersweet' Breakfast in New Video
Toronto emo-rock combo Nightwell recently released their self-titled album, and while coronavirus may have ground their activity to a temporary halt, the band are looking back on a fond pre-lockdown memory with their video for "Bittersweet."

The song highlights Nightwell's crunchy, emo-inspired alt-rock sound with traces of reverby ambience, building to urgent crescendos during the choruses. The accompanying video is straightforward and shows the band eating breakfast in a cozy-looking diner.

The group explained the video in a statement:

Over the last year, we've been working with Roberto Spadafora on all of our music videos.  Rob has been getting all kinds of footage of us doing a lot of silly things. Before a shoot one day, we decided to go get some breakfast. We laughed as one of us jokingly suggested filming us to eat our food and just use that for our next music video. Next thing you know, Robs got the tripod out and our orders of eggs were in. We laughed and enjoyed our food, unknowingly for the last time before the COVID-19 pandemic would hit. Now that we're all staying home and self-isolating, going out for breakfast with Rob might not be possible for a long time.

In other words, the video for "Bittersweet" certainly lives up to the song's title. Check out the premiere below.