Nightwatchman 'World Wide Rebel Songs' (album stream)

Nightwatchman 'World Wide Rebel Songs' (album stream)
If you've been following the on-again, off-again career of Rage Against the Machine, chances are you're gearing up for World Wide Rebel Songs, the new LP by Tom Morello's Nightwatchman project. As previously reported, the RATM guitar hero's album isn't officially due out for another week still, but you can now enjoy a full album stream.

The record comes fast on the heels of Nightwatchman's Union Town EP and marks the project's third full-length overall. But while previous efforts by the project have mainly found Morello playing the role of folk balladeer, he's now become proper frontman on World Wide Rebel Songs, leading his band the Freedom Fighter Orchestra through more electric guitar-driven protest songs.

Speaking of the change-up, Morello said in a statement, "The genesis for the idea came when I played 'The Ghost of Tom Joad' on stage with Bruce Springsteen. That was the first time I had ever sung with an electric guitar in my hand, and I saw that it could be done effectively."

To hear Nightwatchman's new direction for yourself, simply stream the album in the player below.

And while you're at it, you may want to wrap your head around this description of the album from Morello: "The core of The Nightwatchman is dark matter. But at the heart of every struggle, there's hope. So this is an album of rousing hopelessness -- it's part Johnny Cash and part Che Guevara, part beacon light and part arson fire."

World Wide Rebel Songs is out August 30 via New West Records.

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