Nick Cave Sheds Light on New Album with the Bad Seeds

Nick Cave Sheds Light on New Album with the Bad Seeds
The last few years have seen Nick Cave and his moody backup band the Bad Seeds reissue their entire output. Now that deluxe, double-disc editions have been delivered for everything up to and including the group's last long-player, 2008's Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!, and Cave's sonically heavier Grinderman project has been put on ice indefinitely, the prolific Aussie-born songwriter has revealed a few details about an impending album with the Bad Seeds.

Cave initially hinted at the set back in 2010, though he admitted at the time that he had yet to even start writing the LP. Now, in an interview with BBC 6 Music, Cave has confirmed that the collection has already been completed.

"I made a new Bad Seeds record," he said during last night's (September 5) conversation. "So I'm really excited about that. We haven't done one for a while."

Details are still slim, with even an album title kept under wraps, but Cave confided that the album should arrive in February 2013. He also noted that the set was tracked at a Los Angeles-area studio earlier this year, ending the four-year period of studio inactivity with his Bad Seeds bandmates.

"It was a real pleasure to get back to doing that," he continued, "to finding the time to take off a significant amount of time from other projects, which were always supposed to be, kind of, extra-curricular. And just to get back with the Bad Seeds in a room and make a record."

While he didn't shed the deets on any particular new tunes, he did allow that it's a "different" kind of Bad Seeds venture, and is a world away from the sonic overload of Grinderman.

"I mean, it doesn't sound like anything the Bad Seeds have done before. It's really good. It's really very, very beautiful. It's not a ballad record. It's not like classic Bad Seed ballads. But it's very, very beautiful and it's far away from Grinderman and that kind of thing."

Even if the album is still a ways off, you can at least catch Cave and longtime brother-in-arms Warren Ellis plucking out some bluegrass-style tunes on their recent Lawless soundtrack.

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