Nicholas Krgovich "You're Through" (video)

Nicholas Krgovich 'You're Through' (video)
BC-bred singer-songwriter Nicholas Krgovich continues to rep California living in his latest video supporting last year's On Sunset LP. This time, he's enjoying palm tree settings and late night walks in the clip for simmering body-mover, "You're Through."

The video jups back and forth between Krgovich softly singing about his "new way of living" and "swimming laps in the backyard pool" alongside his backup band. When not cooped up indoors with the crew, though, he's strolling past mansions and dancing up a storm in an open lot. All told, it makes for a fun, and light-hearted escapade through Cali.

You'll find the guy pounding the pavement with all sorts of rubbery manoeuvres down below, courtesy of Noisey.