News Round Up!

News Round Up!
This week’s round up: Ghostface Killah’s album gets an early preview online, the Locust were robbed in St. Louis, Trent Reznor gets his NIN remix website up and running and Hawthorne Heights’ guitarist Casey Calvert passes away.

Ghostface Killah’s new album The Big Doe Rehab drops in stores on December 4, but thanks to his label Def Jam, you can now hear a clean version here.

Bug-eyed spastic hardcore act the Locust are currently looking for donations to help finish their tour. In St. Louis this week the boys had all of their possessions stolen including iPods, cash, laptops, medicine and even toiletries. If you’d like to donate click here.

Western and middle-eastern cultures differ on many aspects of life and Iran increased the divide by banning rap music. The country’s officials have declared rap music a "cultural invasion” by "decadent” western values, stating it has diminished Islamic values. The genre of rap music is now illegal and studios producing this type of music will be terminated and police will confront singers. One major problem was the increase of popularity with Tehran’s young males mostly due to explicit lyrics on social, political and sexual themes.

Interscope/Universal has finally granted permission to go live with Trent Reznor’s Nine Inch Nails remix website. Fans can create their own remixes of NIN from over the years adding more squeals, "fucks,” and anything sampled by the band on their records.

On November 23 Hawthorne Heights guitarist Casey Calvert passed away. The cause of death has yet to be determined and the band have denied any kind of "illegal activity” on Calvert’s part. For now the only possible explanation would be his asthma. The band will notify their fans once a cause has been uncovered.