News Round Up

News Round Up
Here’s the lowdown on this past week in music news: 3 Inches of Blood’s drummer was given his walking papers, Queens of the Stone Age were physically removed from a gig, Gibson introduced the "Robot Guitar,” Blender named the "100 Best Indie Rock Albums Ever” and rumors are floating around of Lily Allen joining the cast of Doctor Who.

If you’re new to the concept of rock bands getting in fights then you obviously missed the Mastadon fiasco not too long ago. 3 Inches of Blood cut Alexei Rodriguez (former drummer) after entering the squared circle with Saxon drummer Nigel Glocker whose glasses got broken and also received a black eye for his trouble at the Hard Rock Hell festival in Minehead, England. The rest is as they say history, well, not really since 3IoB are now without a drummer.

What could possibly go wrong at Queens of the Stone Age gig taking place at a rehab facility? Well for starters playing "Feel Good Hit of The Summer” with its drug-laced lyrics, for one. The band were given most of that song to convince the people at a California-based drying out clinic to not only immediately give them the hook, but also do it "manhandling” style.

It seems like the never-ending improvements in this digital age will continue to advance beyond our wildest dreams. Case in point is Gibson’s new "Robot Guitar,” which keeps itself in tune and has six different nonstandard tunings with the push of a button. Lazy or amazing, stupid or stupefying? You be the judge on that verdict, but for $2,500 U.S. one of the 4,000 manufactured can be yours.

Leave it to Blender to comprise a list of "The 100 Greatest Indie Rock Albums Ever.” While the list is actually impressive, getting it right with Pavement on top and Sonic Youth just trailing behind, they’ve managed to include some questionables like Feist, Art Brut and Rilo Kiley at an astounding #50.

Lily Allen has been a busy girl as of late, doing very well with her record, a contract with BBC 3 to do a TV show that pays homage to her social networking sites (i.e. Facebook) and now with possibilities of joining the cast of Doctor Who. If she is successful, Allen will replace comedian Catherine Tate who is currently playing the role of the Doctor’s assistant Donna.