New Swears "Midnight Lovers" (video)

New Swears 'Midnight Lovers' (video)
Anyone who's seen their video for "See You in Hull" knows that Ottawa garage punk act New Swears know how to pound out raucous, wild, overwhelming music videos. That's true one again with their new clip for "Midnight Lovers."

The video is another barrage of debauched good times, offering quick cuts of pizza, weed, silly string, beer swigging, mouthwash chugging, toy store partying and plenty of snow (both in a literal sense and, from the looks of it, the kind you can snort). There are also some shots of the band members holding hands and iceskating.

When asked what makes a good music video, the members of New Swears offered some sage and smartass advice, saying, "Cameras, because things don't always look the greatest when your pecker don't fly."

Watch the video for "Midnight Lovers" below. The song will appear on the band's upcoming LP Junkfood Forever, Bedtime Whatever.