New Electric Ride "Bring What You Expect to Get" (video)

New Electric Ride 'Bring What You Expect to Get' (video)
Rising from the ashes of the pub grind in Northeast England, up Sunderland way, singer/guitarist Jack Briggs, bassist Adam Cole, multi-instrumentalist Paul Nelson and drummer Craig Oxberry came together not long ago to form New Electric Ride. In no time, the psych-pop quartet found the perfect home for their debut album, Balloon Age, released by Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records earlier this year. In continued support of the release, New Electric Ride have now shared a video for the album's "Bring What You Expect to Get."

The track has kind of a "Tomorrow Never Knows" vibe, all phased and reverbed, with reverse sitar and bombastic organ, though the string-laden chorus gives it a more relaxed stoner feel than the Revolver classic. The video matches the tone, as primary colours swirl and blend in fogs and liquids, melting into kaleidoscopes of skeletons, dolls, taxidermy, and an odd snake charmer. It's the kind of thing you might expect to see behind Jefferson Airplane live at the Fillmore in 1968.

Check out the premiere of the video below.