NDMA "Creep (Remix)" (TLC cover) / "Bring Us Down" on Exclaim! TV

NDMA 'Creep (Remix)' (TLC cover) / 'Bring Us Down' on Exclaim! TV
NDMA's Panache EP dropped today (June 17) and will show you the full range of the rapping/singing producer's talents. A few weeks prior to this, he stopped by Kops Records with DJ Acro and violinists Natasha MacDonald and Kiri-Christina Hauck for an Exclaim! TV session.

The performance displays NDMA's prowess even further, with a remix of TLC's "Creep" opening the two-song set. His added raps to the track sets this version apart from the 1994 hit, while simultaneously setting the tone for his original "Bring Us Down," which opens up the proceedings on Panache.

Expect a music video for the track in July, but until then check out this Exclaim! TV session below. You can also check out the official video for his track "BurnSlow" here.

Shaky cam by Roberto Granados-Ocon
Audio by Nash Bussieres
Edited by Bradley Zorgdrager