National Drone Day Unveils Canada-wide Programming for Third Edition

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished May 13, 2016

Moving into its third year, National Drone Day will celebrate experimental, ambient and drone music once again in each Canadian province and territory on May 28. Now, organizers behind the celebration have begun revealing events set to take place across the country. 

Events have been lined up in a number of major Canadian cities, including Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto, while smaller towns and cities such as Welland, ON; Nanaimo, BC; and Peterborough, ON, also have celebrations planned.

A press release reveals that notable celebrations so far include an event in Halifax, where composer Robert Drisdelle will mix together live performances streamed from elsewhere in the country to create something all his own, while it's set to be broadcast around the city in public locations. Two events will take place in Toronto: one being a matinee all-ages performance while another will explore the idea of "drone therapy" at the Music Gallery.

"Drone music is a democratic genre, an inherently collaborative genre. Anyone can drone!" founder Marie LeBlanc Flanagan wrote in a statement. "Drone music encapsulates and includes all kinds of sounds: bagpipes, chanting, tandura, the diverse landscape of electronic musicians who orchestrate knobs and pedals into otherworldly soundscapes."

For a full list of celebrations from around the country, head to National Drone Day's official website.

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