Naomi Punk "Burned Body" / "Linoleum Tryst"

Naomi Punk 'Burned Body' / 'Linoleum Tryst'
Following a few years of self-released CD-Rs and online material, Olympia, WA trio Naomi Punk issued their debut full-length The Feeling this spring via Couple Skate Records in a limited run of 300 copies. If you managed to miss out on the rare pressing, don't fret, as hyped New York indie imprint Captured Tracks is reissuing the record for the masses. The album will arrive as a digital download tomorrow (October 16) and hit shelves on CD and LP November 20.

For a taste of what's in store, you can sample that album's "Burned Body" down below.

The band also recently released a two-song 7-inch single through Vancouver imprint Cruising USA. "Eon of Pain" mans the A-side, while spaced-out grunge-punk thumper "Linoleum Tryst" is on the flip. You can order the single here and check out the B-side below as well.