Mykki Blanco "Wavvy" (video)

Mykki Blanco 'Wavvy' (video)
Back when Mykki Blanco  (aka gender-exploring rap artiste Michael D. Quattlebaum) dropped the "Head Is a Stone" video earlier this summer, he promised an upcoming clip for "Wavvy." It took just over a month, but the wild and wobbly hip-hop cut's eyeball-popping visual counterpart is here.

Things start sour as Blanco hems and haws over an illicit pill sale before getting chased by the po-po. Luckily he hops into the back of a speeding truck that conveniently has a PA set up, so he gets to spit hard on that oscillated synth beat as he makes his escape.

The party seemed pretty bumping in the back of the truck, but he then gets next-level crazy at a decadent masquerade ball. He drops his streetwear and Raiders hat for a full-length wig and chain-adorned lingerie, twisting and spitting to some orchestral accompaniment, as a selection of beauties plucked from Arthur Schnitzler's deepest fantasies get greased up, chomp on some footlongs and enjoy a confetti shower. One girl seemingly passes out after hamming down on a handful of pills, so maybe she got just a little too wavvy, right?

You can take in the video and its mixture of street parties and high-society hedonism down below.