Mykki Blanco "The Initiation"

Mykki Blanco 'The Initiation'
We're just over a week away from the release of Mykki Blanco's Betty Rubble: The Initiation mixtape, but the New York MC has at least one more conceptual sneak peek to let loose before the freelease's due date. Unsurprisingly, the industrial-tinged "The Initiation" is a bit of a head scratcher.

Sinden's production work on the cut is extremely unnerving and unfurls as a series of pulses, disjointed electronic hi-hat hits and military bunker alarms. Blanco delivers the bulk of her lines menacingly and assertively in Latin. Granted, we haven't mastered the dead tongue, but there's a refrain of "in deo confidimus" (in god we trust) buried in there. A small passage in English also confirms that Blanco's got those asses shakin' and droppin' on the floor.

"Lyrically it follows in the self-mythology created on my first mixtape that I, Mykki Blanco, am the Illuminati Prince come to bring a new world order to hip-hop in the 21 century," Blanco told Ssense. "I wanted to create my version of what a 'black American gothic song' sounds like and with Sindens trance-inducing yet club-ready production, I believe we achieved that synthesis," You can sample the twisted horror-scape down below.

  The rest of Blanco's Betty Rubble: The Initiation arrives May 21.