Muse "Psycho" (lyric video)

Muse 'Psycho' (lyric video)
Muse have suggested that their new album Drones has a raw, rocking sound, and the newly unveiled track "Psycho" certainly lives up to that.

The tune charges hard out of the gate with heavy blues riffs, while the verses settle into a slinkier groove and the chorus is punctuated by a shrill promise to "make you a fucking psycho." The lyrics have political overtones, and the accompanying lyric video reinforces the impression that this is about brainwashing soldiers to become killing machines. The clip shows silhouettes of the band performing amidst military imagery, a man with a bomb for a head cradling a baby, and verbal abuse from a drill sergeant.

Check it out below. This will be followed by Drones' first proper single, "Dead Inside," on March 23. The album will follow on June 9 through Warner Bros. Records.