Mungolian Jetset Prep Sophomore Album

Mungolian Jetset Prep Sophomore Album
Cosmically minded Norwegian disco duo Mungolian Jetset have announced the release of their second album, entitled Schlungs. The record is to be released October 11 via Smalltown Supersound, the Norwegian-based label home to acts like Annie and Lindstrøm.

Schlungs comes two years after Mungolian Jetset's 2009 debut LP We Gave It All Away... Now We Are Taking It Back helped to define their cosmic, left-field sound and thrust them into the online music world.

Speaking of Schlungs, the press release said: "Rather than delivering another full-on take of the epic entertainments that have become the staple of their reputation (or notoriety, depending on who's talking), they have now taken more scoops of melody, poptastic whimsy and lighter shades of oddness, to hybridize with their already mutated sound."

It also added, "Lyrically, Schlungs involves tales of fatal alien abductions and ghosts of murderous (but snazzily dressed) transvestites, as well as confessions of dark and illusory multimedia desires and dispatches from the borderline state of the all-consuming hyperrealism of the Internet."

A quick glance at the tracklist below and song titles like "2010 - A Space Woodysey" and "Moon Jocks N Prog Rocks" indeed confirms that the comedic aspects of Mungolian Jetset's music has been retained for Schlungs.

In addition to the album announcement, Smalltown Supersound has provided a streamable single from Schlungs, "We Are the Shining," which can be listened to below.


1. "2010 - A Space Woodysey"
2. "Moon Jocks N Prog Rocks"
3. "Shelton's On A Bender"
4. "Bella Lanay"
5. "Ties N Downs"
6. "We Are The Shining"
7. "Moonstruck"
8. "Smoke N Mirrors"