​Muncie Girls Criticize Mental Health Care Access in "Clinic" Video

​Muncie Girls Criticize Mental Health Care Access in 'Clinic' Video
UK indie rock unit Muncie Girls are set to release their sophomore album Fixed Ideals tomorrow (August 31), but they've offered up a final LP teaser with a video for "Clinic."
The track was written by singer/guitarist Lande Hekt about her struggle with anxiety, and her decision to start taking CBD to cope.
"It was a really fucking horrible time but I'm glad I wrote it down," she said in a statement. "This song is half about how important it is to get your mental health checked and ring the DAS, but it's also about how long it all takes and how unbelievably underfunded it is. I have a lucky time with my mental health compared to so many people, and I have to think about how incredibly hard it is for so many people."
The accompanying video gets her point across by demonstrating the uselessness of Landis' Facial Expressions Test, which set out to determine if all people reacted to the same emotions with the same facial expressions.
Watch Muncie Girls disprove the century-old experiment in the "Clinic" video below.
Fixed Ideals is out August 31 on Buzz Records/Specialist Subject.