Mudhoney Plotting New LP for 2013

Mudhoney Plotting New LP for 2013
While soon-to-drop DVD copies of Mudhoney's Live in Berlin, 1988 and their I'm Now: the Story of Mudhoney documentary are ready to toast the Seattle grunge greats' legacy thus far, fans might be wondering what the future has in store for the band. Well, brace yourselves, everybody, because a new interview with guitarist/vocalist Mark Arm confirms that the band will deliver a full-length in 2013.

While discussing the DVDs with Consequence of Sound, Arm dropped the bomb that they have recorded a follow-up to 2008's The Lucky Ones.

"There will definitely be a record next year. We just finished mixing it last weekend," he said, though he couldn't confirm too many details beyond that. "I don't have the dates, no. It's all contingent on when it gets mastered. Once you turn in the mastered copy at Sub Pop, then you get a release date. Hopefully, it's being mastered this week."

While Arm noted the as-yet-untitled LP's due date ultimately depends on the whims of Sub Pop, he predicts the record will hit stores sometime in the first half of the year.

Despite Mudhoney getting back in the public eye via a pair of history-revisiting films, Arm is apparently more excited to focus on the band's upcoming work.

"I'm not, at heart, a very nostalgic person," Arm said. "I realize that since we've been going for almost 25 years now there's probably a certain amount of nostalgia involved in how people perceive us. We'll play the old songs but it's not like I'm yearning for or pining for a previous time by any means. I'm very happy now."

That said, if you feel like taking a trip down memory lane, Live in Berlin, 1988 arrives November 13 via K7!, while I'm Now: the Story of Mudhoney drops December 11 via King of Hearts Productions.