MS MR "Criminals"

MS MR 'Criminals'
Pop duo MS MR may currently deliver some of the squeakiest synth-pop singles of the current era, but there's an illicit undercurrent to the outfit. At least, that is what's being implied in their latest preview from How Does It Feel, a ride-or-die love jam called "Criminals."

The track features a glittery, though melancholy melody supporting singer Lizzy Plapinger's lines about a pair of thieves, tied together through crime. "Do you want a way out?" she asks her partner in the chorus, before admitting of her own feelings, "Even though it hurts, I just want to be a criminal with you."

Down below, you'll find a stream of the single affixed to the fairly static image of a motorcycle blazing across a vacuous desert landscape.

How Does It Feel drops July 17 through Columbia.