The Mouthbreathers "No Fear" on Exclaim! TV

The Mouthbreathers 'No Fear' on Exclaim! TV
Sackville, NB is known for its high-energy music scene, and punk-rock outfit the Mouthbreathers exemplify it. The group has an almost primal energy that shows in lead vocalist Lucy Niles' growly vocals and loud, singalong choruses.

The four-piece stopped by our offices to perform "No Fear," the closing track from their 2013 EP, Stone Soup. WIthout the huge production on the recorded version, the song is stripped down to its raw core, with just their primary guitars, bass and drums. Watch the performance below, and wait until 1:45 for a blistering solo from guitarist Josee Caron.

Filmed by Matt Bobkin & Roberto Granados-Ocon
Audio by Nash Bussieres
Edited by Matt Bobkin