Most Serene Republic Compile Early Recordings as Thee Oneironauts

Most Serene Republic Compile Early Recordings as Thee Oneironauts
They haven't released an LP since 2009, but the dudes in the Most Serene Republic haven't been idle. They dropped an EP called Fantasick Impossibliss last year and were recruited by author Douglas Coupland to soundtrack his Roots clothing line. We still don't have word on when the band's album next proper studio album will come out, but we have another stop-gap release to tide us over until then.

Entitled Pre Serene: Thee Oneironauts, this one dates way back to 2003. The Most Serene Republic had not yet formed, and future members Adrian Jewett, Ryan Lenssen and Nick Greaves played in a band called Thee Oneironauts. Their friend Emily Hunt provided saxophone and harmonies. Now, eight of their songs have been remastered and compiled.

According to a press release, "All the odes are born from the illusion of love and the illusion of life in general. [The album] shows the initial spark and curiosity that would become one of the more explosive and experimental bands of the past half-dozen years."

This will mark the second release on the group's own Home of the Rebels label (the first was Fantasick Impossibliss). Fittingly, the album includes the song "Home of the Rebels."

See the tracklist below, and stream the dance-y track "Zoltar Speaks" at the bottom of the page. The single was reportedly inspired by the movie Big.

Pre Serene: Thee Oneironauts:

1. "Not Even Earth's Gravitational Pull Can Bring Us Down"
2. "Zoltar Speaks"
3. "St. Germain"
4. "The Breath"
5. "Everything Given To You Is Equally Taken Away"
6. "Clara Bow"
7. "Today Is the Day"
8. "Home of the Rebels"