Moscow Apartment Return with "Halfway"

New EP 'Better Daughter' arrives next month
Moscow Apartment Return with 'Halfway'
Ahead of sharing their sophomore EP next month, Moscow Apartment have rolled out a new song from the effort. 

"Halfway" marks the group's first new material in over a year, and finds the duo of Brighid Fry and Pascale Padilla harmonizing over folk-leaning indie rock. You can hear their latest below.

As the two explained, the song was born out of the ups and downs of friendship. "We love each other immensely and deeply but when we first formed the band, we would fight a lot," they wrote, admitting "there were some growing pains as we figured out how to process stress, anxiety, disagreements."

"One day we had a big fight," they recalled. "Brighid was mad at Pascale and so Pascale wrote the beginning of a song (the first verse and some of the chorus) to ask for forgiveness. It is hard to stay mad at someone when they write you a song so Brighid wrote the second verse and worked on the chorus and the song about our friendship was born."

"Halfway" will appear on forthcoming EP Better Daughter, which is slated to arrive June 26 through Hidden Pony Records.