Monolake Lines Up Silence for December

Monolake Lines Up <i>Silence</i> for December
It's been three years since we've heard any new material from acclaimed German avant electronic outfit Monolake (aka Ableton software guru Robert Hemke). Soon, Hemke is set to break the silence with, er, Silence, the seventh Monolake album.

According to a press release [via Resident Advisor], the album was assembled over a year-long period, and will include a number of field recordings. It says, "Sound sources include field recordings of airport announcements, hammering on metal plates at the former Kabelwerk Oberspree, Berlin, several sounds captured inside the large radio antenna dome at Teufelsberg, Berlin, dripping water at the Botanical Garden Florence, air condition systems and turbines in Las Vegas, Frankfurt and Tokyo, walking on rocks in Joshua Tree National Park, wind from the Grand Canyon, a friend's answering machine, a printer, conversations via mobile phones, typing on an old Macintosh keyboard and recordings from tunnel works in Switzerland."

Silence was expected to be released on November 24 in vinyl, CD and digital formats, but is now set to drop sometime in December. The album will be arriving via Monolake's Imbalance Computer Music.

For more info on the album and some sound snippets, click here


1. "Watching Clouds"
2. "Infinite Snow"
3. "Null Pointed"
4. "Far Red"
5. "Avalanche"
6. "Void"
7. "Internal Clock"
8. "Shutdown"
9. "Reconnect"
10. "Observatory"