Mondo Generator "The Last Train" (ft. Josh Homme, John Garcia)

Mondo Generator 'The Last Train' (ft. Josh Homme, John Garcia)
Somehow after reporting on the vitriolic Kyuss Lives! legal battle, we glossed over the fact that now ex-bassist Nick Oliveri delivered another album with his Mondo Generator project last week. Despite Hell Comes to Your Heart featuring guest spots from CJ Ramone and Dwarves frontman Blag Dahlia, album closer "The Last Train" might be the real eyebrow raiser, as it includes fellow, and feuding, Kyuss alums Josh Homme and John Garcia.

Fittingly, Homme and Garcia's speaker-panning vocal contributions confusingly battle it out with Oliveri's screech atop the gloomy, stoner rock stomp. You can catch the song down below.